Teens and Privacy

Teens are often very concerned about their privacy and can be hesitant to speak with a therapist with their parent in the room or if the contents of their sessions are fully discussed with their parents.  I typically have parents and teens sign an agreement stating that I will keep parents informed about treatment progress and general session content, but will maintain their privacy.  I ensure that teens understand that some things, such as dangerous behavior or behavior outside typical age norms, may need to be discussed with their parent and I will discuss any concerns with the teen prior to discussing them with the parent. 


Information about you, your child and the services you receive is private and protected under state and federal laws.  With exception to certain circumstances I cannot release your information without your express written consent.  These exceptions are clearly defined in my privacy policy document and include disclosure in the event that a patient is an immanent danger to himself or others, or as a vulnerable person defined under law is being maltreated.  Such disclosures are rare in my practice and are described below:


Solutions Therapy, PLLC


  • Danger to self or other:  If you are at immanent risk of harming yourself or make substantial threats to harm another person I am permitted and in most cases required by law to inform the threatened party or others in order to protect you or another person.  
  • Harm to minors and vulnerable adults:  If I have reasonable suspicion that a minor child or vulnerable adult has been abused or neglected I am required by law to report my concerns to the Department of Social Services.  
  • Court Proceedings:  If my records are legally subpoenaed or court ordered I will be required to release them in accordance with the law.